This very special gift has been given to someone that truly deserves it.  Taormina is a painting with beautiful texture colour and warmth.  I know I will treasure it for many years.  It has been a pleasure to meet you Karen.  Good luck. 

 Mrs. D. Finnegan (Artist) 2006

You are a very talented artist Karen.  Your style in producing such vibrantly tactile pictures, makes your work unique.  I am sure that your art will become well known and sought after by those that require something different to hang on their walls. 

Mr. D. Cooper (Chairman of Bishop's Stortford Art Society) 2007 

We have known Karen since she was a little girl, and have watched with delight as she has become an accomplished artist.  Soon to emigrate, we wanted a picture of our home of thirty-five years and commissioned Karen to paint for us.  She produced a lovely picture of the front, but an inspired beautiful picture of the back showing our favourite room, the conservatory, showing through our beloved garden.  Thank you so very much Karen.  Congratulations on being such a good artist

Mr. & Mrs. S. Miller (New Zealand) 2007

Karen, your vision of using your individual painting style & technique to create pictures of people's homes was inspired & brings countless pleasure to those of us who own a Karen Adams original. 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Atkinson 2007 

We were given Karen's name from someone in the village when we were stuck for a gift for our friend/landlord.  Karen did the courtyard, I had seen her work so knew the painting would be great, however when she delivered it completely beat any expectations we had!  It was perfect & our friend was completely speechless, it now has a new home in Bermuda to remind them of their home in Manuden

Mr. & Mrs. C. O'Reilly 2007

Frog Hall an amazing come to life painting.  Makes me feel I could just step into it, its so real.  Every time I look at it I see something different.  You have a truly remarkable gift and I look forward to your exhibition in August.   

Mrs. L. Chancellor 2007                        

Karen has achieved her own unique style and way of working.  She has accomplished a blending of creativity and originality as a "True Artist" with her knowledge and skill in decorative painting techniques, she has created a seamless blend between Art & Craft.  I'm sure Karen will have well earned increasing success and a secure financial future

Mrs. P. Sinclair (Germany) 2007

The beauty of your pictures is in the detail and the detail is fascinating, so carefully and perfectly executed, with such a variety of textures and unusual colours.  The visual balance of each picture is perfect, with colours sometimes glowing and sometimes muted.  Hours and hours of painstaking work & fully justified.

Mrs G. Rumble 2007

Thank you Karen for your wonderful painting.  It will be hung proudly in the Straw Hat Oriental Restaurant.   So that all who enters can enjoy your beautiful piece.  I think your work is amazing.  Good luck for the future.  All the best.

Mrs. R. Li (Proprietor of The Straw Hat Oriental Restaurant) 2008   

My first impression of this picture was that it was very dark and angular, but on a second viewing suddenly there was an extra dimension to be appreciated i.e. the additional glow of the unseen street lamps lighting up the buildings, revealing warmer tones.  I was struck by the skill and precision in Karen's work, her use of different textured surfaces and regular mathematical shapes helping to create the variety of buildings seen in the Big Apple.  Her use of water/oil acrylics as a medium also lent itself well to the creation of the smog drifting up from the imagined busy roads below.  The needs of society to build ever upwards in our over-crowded cities where land is at a premium, man's desire for his property to be bigger and better than that of his neighbour, and, sadly the accompanying grimness that seems to accompany these wants, are all brought to the fore in this piece.  All in all, a picture showing the great care, skill and eye for detail that artists such as Karen Adams must have in order to create such a reflection of life.  Well done, Karen! All the very best for the future.

Mrs. A. Woods 2009

Karen stands out as an artist with a unique perspective on life and an ability to translate that into her artwork whenever you look at her artwork you can sense her enthusiasm which always leaves the viewer feeling better about life.  Good luck Karen. 

Mr. S. Lowe (Proprietor of The Walkern Gallery) 2009

I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you must have put in to A Clean Start to Married Life.  I absolutely love it and it means so much to me because St. Giles Church is where Ian and I said "I do" 20 years ago!  I can honestly say I had no idea what Ian had been planning with you for 8 months, no more than I had any idea what was inside the beautifully wrapped present he gave me just prior to our anniversary.  I was completely overwhelmed and just as I was admiring your wonderful work, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.  It was such a special moment, I will never forget it as long as I live.  You certainly are a lovely and very talented lady and it was a great pleasure to meet you in October at your exhibition, when I was able to appreciate even more your great imagination and unusual technique.  I hope that I will see more of your work in the future and I wish you continued success.  Thank you so much.

Mrs. M. Scott 2010    

As collectors of Art Deco Retro Tea caught our eye.  It captures the true spirit of that era.  Karen you have a special gift and deserve success.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Carpenter (Former International Backing Guitarist for Sheena Easton) 2010

You have not met me, but I am Bobby's daughter-you met my mum and painted my cottage for her to give me as a present.  Sadly, mum passed away last Saturday before she was able to give me the gift. She was so looking forward to seeing my face when I opened it of course, I was delighted.  Mum died peacefully with her family around her.  Your picture will always be a precious reminder to me of my mum.  Many thanks.

Mrs. J. Bones 2011 

My dad bought for me and my husband a beautiful original painting called Early Morning Mist as a house warming present.  We were absolutely delighted and stunned when we opened the parcel.  We will have to choose were to hang it so that we make the most of it.  We are sure it will give us many years of pleasure.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Pate 2011

Karen your skill is amazing and your technique is very special. Thank you dear for our Fritellino it is superb.  Power to your paint brush and here's to the next work of art.  

Mr. & Mrs. B. Bruty 2012 

Thank you very much for the beautiful painting.  We very much appreciate  all of the talent, care, interest and dedication that has been incorporated in its creation plus all of the specific detail that makes it so personal to us- it will be a treasured family piece!  Thank you also for your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit-good luck with all things in the future!

Mr. & Mrs. S. Lake 2012

The moment I saw this picture I was in London with our daughter  and our American grandson he was 4 years and his favourites were the horses and guards at Buckingham Palace.  This picture is for him to remember the day and the horses when he is fare away, at home in Florida USA.  Many thanks we think your work is stunning.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gillard 2013

Dearest Karen, we absolutely love the piece we bought from you  Tuscany in Spring it is captivating and memories of a wonderful childhood flood back every time I look at it.  It reminds me of the poppy fields along the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz.  Only you could capture something so magical and mesmerising and it is a testament to the many hours of love, commitment and detail you put in to every piece.  Thank you and I look forward to the future of your art. Best Wishes.

Miss. N. Stote 2013

I have seen two of your amazing demonstrations in recent times and have always been impressed with your imagination, determination and dedication to what is most fulfilling in your life.  Your artwork is quite unique and adds a new dimension to the meaning of art.  Hugh and I are delighted with the artwork we have purchased from you and, as you saw, it has its own special place in our dinning room.  May you continue to have untold success!

Mr. & Mrs. H. Kirk 2014 

I was delighted to receive a very special personal and most appropriate gift from Joy to mark our recent move to Manuden.  Karen, your feel for composition and colour is exceptional, resulting in a unique and very special memento to be treasured for years to come.  We send our best wishes and sincere appreciation.

Mr. M. Hodge 2015